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Al Rawda Educational Institution

Al Rawda is an innovative Islamic establishment focusing primarily on advancement of Muslim education. Its aim is to produce educated,active members of society able to propagate authentic knowledge derived from traditional sources and apply them in a contemporary context.

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A Mile With A Smile Challenge 2016 - Madrasa Al Rawda

Qari Bashir Ahmed on the Qur'an recitation of the Jamia Students

Al Rawda has three departments

Jamia Al Rawda is our flagship ‘Institute of Higher Education’
Some Courses:

  • Alimiyya Islamic Scholarship (f/t)
  • Diploma in Islamic Studies
  • Alimiyya Islamic Scholarship (p/t)
  • Islamic Studies Course

Madrasa Al Rawda is our innovative educational institution for children.
Some Courses:

  • Hifdh Qur’an Memorisation
  • Children’s Madrasa
  • Weekday Islamic Studies
  • Weekend School/Madrasa

Rawda College provides part time and short term courses for adults with internationally recognised accreditation:

  • Tajweed Courses
  • Level 3 Teaching Qualification
  • Arabic Language
  • Calligraphy Course